How to Lose Weight Without Working Out or Counting Calories

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Learn a Holistic Approach that doesn't focus on Counting Calories or Working Out for hours a day.

Get to the Root of your Weight Gain & Health Issues by addressing the Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual aspects related to Food, Lifestyle, and Happiness.

"Its Not About How Much Weight You Lose, Its About Who You Become on the Journey & the People You Impact Along the Way"

Real World Results

"A large part of my results came from gradually changing my lifestyle. Making better food choices, beating bad habits, and all this during the height of the pandemic. I still can't believe people's reactions when I got out with friends & family that haven't seen me in over a year. They don't recognize me anymore" - Jen

Sarah lost over 70lbs in one year during the height of the pandemic

Just to be clear....

This is NOT a Diet Book

There is plenty of diet advice in it, but this book is so much more.

It teaches you how to live a healthy & happy life filled with purpose by:

  1. Establishing how you got to where you are and how to reverse it.
  2. Getting clear on your goals and what makes you happy in order to fuel your motivation.
  3. Installing 7 new habits that will ensure you lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner.
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☝🏽☝🏻☝🏿 You'll Learn: ☝🏽☝🏻☝🏿

7 Steps to Losing Weight and Regaining Your Health
- Faster & Easier Weight Loss Compared to Counting Calories
The Real Reason You Haven't Been Able to Lose Weight & Keep it Off
- Learn How to Master Your Hormones, Balance Your Energy, & Live a Healthy Life
How to Overcome Emotional Eating & Cravings
- Get Full Control on Overeating
Proven Method for Determining Which Foods Are Best For Your Body
- Eat Foods That Produce Vitality and Reduce Your Waist Line
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How to Lose Weight Without Working Out or Counting Calories

5 ratings
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