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Fat Loss Workouts - No Equipment Needed


Get The Perfect Workout Plan For Fat-Loss That Requires No-Equipment.

This program is designed with the Beginner in mind whose main goal is Fat-Loss, but also includes many modifications to make this challenging for people who already work out and are looking to add new exercises and knowledge.

My Fat-Loss Training program is a carefully selected progression of fun exercises and workouts that are scientifically designed to build strength, muscle, and burn fat

There is no fluff or BS in this program. Workouts take between 20-40 minutes. Your first workouts will take less time and as you get more advanced, you will be adding a few extra sets and reps to each exercise

This program is about building strength in order to preserve muscle mass as you lose fat. There are no jumping jacks or cardio exercises designed to make you sweat for the sake of sweating

Instead, I provide a way for you to give the maximum stimulus to your muscles in order to optimize fat-loss, build strength, and tone your body

A common problem you've likely run into before is that workouts and exercises are too advanced for you. This program is designed with the beginner in mind and requires Absolutely No Prior Knowledge or Experience with training

You will learn exactly how and why you're doing every exercise. I hold your hand through the entire process by providing the workouts you need to do, when you need to do them, and how to do them in order to get the best results possible

Injury prevention along with actually enjoying your workouts are the keys to consistency. Doing High-Intensity style training often leads to injuries and hard-to-measure results. When you go from not being able to do a single push-up to cranking out 20+ reps in a row, you will stay motivated because you can feel the results of your hard work.

You've most likely bought courses and books in the past only to be disappointed with overpriced and lackluster results. That's why I created this course and put all of my heart and kinesiology knowledge into it. When I started training myself over 10 years ago, I was at home with almost no equipment. I've spent 1000's of hours training myself and clients at home.

Benefits of In-Home Workouts

  • No Equipment Needed
  • Not Paying for a Gym Membership
  • Low Risk of Injury
  • Minimal Time Investment and Maximum Opportunity for Consistency
  • Transform Your Body in a Private & Judgement Free Environment

Questions I Will Answer:

  • What are the Ideal Exercises for Fat Loss
  • How to Train at Home and Get Unreal Results
  • Effective Methods of Fat Loss Without the Use of Equipment
  • Why You Don't Need to do High-Intensity Workouts to Lose Fat.
  • How to Effectively Burn Belly Fat

What You Get

  • 3+ Months of Workouts
  • Made-for-You Log Sheets
    • Easily track your progress from workout to workout
    • Record and watch yourself get stronger and stronger
  • 12 Full Workouts with Detailed Video Breakdown
    • Breaking down the details around everything you're doing
  • The Biomechanics Behind Every Exercise Explained
    • There will be no confusion on your end as to doing the exercises
  • Progressions Provided for Every Exercise.
    • Modifications so you can adjust the difficulty to match your strength and progress level
    • 71 Unique exercises

You will find no gimmicks here. Just science-based strategies that have withstood the test of time and are proven to work

If You're Ready to Lose Weight, Feel Happier & Healthier, Look No Further

This course is great for anyone that wants to know exactly what to do. There is zero guesswork and zero room for confusion. I have built and provided everything you need to succeed.

About the Creator

My name is Rad, I'm a certified lifestyle coach and personal trainer with 8+ years of experience. I have a BSc. in kinesiology and a Chinese Medicine diploma in acupuncture. I merge the science of training with the art of living a holistic life

I have been delivering health and wellness advice for 5+ years to my online audience of 400,000+ followers on TikTok & Instagram (@RadRadoslav) as well as Youtube - Radoslav Detchev

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Fat Loss Workouts - No Equipment Needed

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